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Learn to Act in Spite of Fear

The following is from a video by James Pelton, founder and CEO of Mobile Text Alerts (content has been slightly edited):

There are a lot of risks in life.

But especially in starting your own business.

Will you be successful? Will people think that you are dumb for quitting your day job and running your own business full time?

These are all risks.

And there is a level of fear involved in these things.

Everyone experiences fear – It is very difficult to “get rid” of fear.

Instead, we need to just learn how to act IN SPITE of our fear.

Think of something that you know you need to do for your business, but you have been afraid to do it.

For me, it was quitting my day job and running my own business full-time.

I spent years not quitting my day job just because I was afraid.

I was afraid of putting my income in my own hands – There was a lot of security in my employer being responsible for my paychecks instead of me being responsible for myself.

Looking back on it, that fear really held me back. And it wasn’t until I acted in spite of that fear, that I really accomplished what I wanted to accomplish.

I got a clear “why,” and then I did the things that I needed to do to get me to that outcome even if I was afraid.

For me, it was running my business full time.

That might be the same for you – From talking with a lot of consultants, I’ve found “going full time” is one thing that people are most fearful about.

I’m not saying be irresponsible – There is a big difference between acting in spite of fear, and just being irresponsible.

If you make $100/month with your business, it would probably not be prudent to quit your day job and try to live on that $100/month.

But if you are up to $1k/month, $2k/month, $3k/month and you see the path of quitting your day job that would take you to $5k/month or $10k/month, maybe it is time to do that.

For many of you, your fear is getting on camera.

What you’ll find is anything you do gets easier over time.

So if you practice giving up and not doing things when you are afraid, you will grow into that kind of person.

But if you practice pushing forward when you are afraid – You just get on the camera when you need to. You have the hard conversations with people asking them for referrals.

You’ll find these things get easier with practice.

I used to hate being on camera – I felt awkward, and I hated the way I looked on the camera, and I hated my voice when I watched it back.

But I knew video was a great way to connect with people, so I acted in spite of my fears.

What is something you’ve been needing to do for your business but have been held back from doing because of fear?

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Sam Pelton

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