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Why You Should Admire Successful People, Not Resent Them

When you see people who are really successful in their business, do you feel jealous?

That twinge of resentment may come naturally but it isn’t going to get you anywhere.

The following is from a video by James Pelton, founder and CEO of Mobile Text Alerts:

So obviously there are successful people in this world.

And there are two ways that we can react to these successful people.

A lot of people – and when I say a lot, I mean the majority – resent successful people.

They get mad at them. They get envious. “You have something I want.”

They start to focus on the obstacles and not take ownership; they think, “I would be where you are if people treated me this way.”

Do you know what that will lead you to? Not positivity and gratitude. That will lead you down.

Instead of being envious and negative, learn to admire successful people.

This is a mindset shift for some people.

Whenever you see someone successful at anything, your first thought SHOULD be, “What are they doing that I can learn from?”

You know, nothing in my course on doubling your jewelry sales I made up.

I hate to break it to you – maybe it’s not smart for me to tell you – I learned everything I know.

I looked at people who were where I wanted to be, and then I tried to do what they did.

Do that in your business.

Find consultants who you consider are doing well, and admire them. Reach out to them and ask them what they did to get where they are.

Don’t resent them!

Use them as part of your goal.

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Sam Pelton

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