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Do You Focus on Opportunities, or on Obstacles?

One negative mindset that may be impacting your business is focusing on obstacles rather than opportunities.

Obstacles come up for everyone. But if you allow the obstacles to discourage and overwhelm you, it can hinder your success.

When obstacles arise, instead of focusing on the stress of the situation, it’s better to focus on all the opportunities to grow and succeed!

I’ll share a personal example.

My wife sells products as a consultant through a different direct sales company. A lot of her sales come through Facebook parties that hosts invite their friends to.

She had a particular host who kept putting things off and rescheduling, which took away potential party slots from other potential hosts and caused unnecessary prep time for my wife without any payoff.

One time when this host canceled last minute, instead of focusing on the frustration of an unreliable party host, my wife used this opportunity of freed up time to try something new in her VIP group and hold a “Mystery Host Party” (in which she gave raffle entries for lots of free prizes to anyone who made a purchase).

It ended up being a fun way to get a few sales and try something new.

The following is from a video by James Pelton, founder and CEO of Mobile Text Alerts:

I can almost tell right away how successful someone will be when I talk with them.

They start making excuses, and they just talk about why they won’t succeed – I know they don’t have the mindset they need to be successful.

Successful people don’t look at all the hurdles; they look at the opportunities.

They keep their eyes on the prize.

Instead of thinking, “It would be nice to be successful but here is an obstacle,” we need to reshape our thinking to say, “There are some obstacles BUT look at these opportunities!”

See how those are framed differently?

So the next time you feel like complaining about an obstacle, stop and think, “Am I focusing on obstacles, or opportunities?”

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