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Why You Need to Think Positively, Not Negatively

We’ve discussed the importance of mindset in having a successful business.

One of the top ways successful people think differently than unsuccessful people is that successful people think positively.

The following is from a video by James Pelton, founder and CEO of Mobile Text Alerts:

If there was business advice that I have heard more than anything else, it is to think positively.

Don’t be a negative person.

Complaining and getting upset and whining will drain you. You will be completely exhausted all the time

Not only that, but you will drain everyone around you. People won’t want to be around you – It will put a strain on your relationships.

If you have relationship problems right now, I want you to think, “How much of this problem I’m having with my spouse or my sister or whatever is just due to negativity?”

Negativity will drain you, drain those around you, and negativity will not attract customers or success.

Running a business, I get some nasty emails from people. And I used to get upset, but now I actually feel bad for these people, because I know with that kind of negativity they will not be successful.

Sometimes too, this turns into a snowball – You are negative, and so your business suffers, which makes you more negative, which makes your business suffer even more.

You need to break the habit, and think positively about things.

This isn’t just karma or something like that – studies have shown that thinking positively gives you more energy, helps with problem solving, builds resilience, improves your decision making and draws people towards you.

That’s what you want, right? To draw people to you?

It will be infinitely harder to get new customers if you are negative.

Are you going to think positively today? 🙂

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