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6 Things That Motivated James, CEO and Entrepreneur

Have you ever run into hardship with your business and wanted to give up?

If you haven’t yet, you may experience that at some point in your journey. Having a business can sometimes be hard and discouraging.

Having a strong “why” behind your business can help keep you motivated when things get rough.

James Pelton, founder and CEO of Mobile Text Alerts, built his business from the ground up.

It wasn’t easy for him – When he first started, he was working full time at a different job, going to school, and was newly married.

He would get home in the evening, do his homework, and would spend from 10pm to 1 or 2am each night programming. Then he would get up early in the morning for another day.

Here are some motivating factors and goals that helped him stick with it through the hard times:

  • Being finished with school
  • Having the freedom to not have to work an 8-5 job
  • Being able to work from home
  • Being his own boss
  • Having the freedom to take time off with his family
  • Being able to do something he really enjoyed

Although we don’t want to wish our days away and complain about the situation we’re currently in, thinking about the hope and goals for the future can be a powerful motivator when you’re facing hardship in your business.

What motivates you? Why are you pursuing your business? What goals are you trying to achieve?

If you haven’t already, think about these questions. Write down the answers and refer back to it often if you need to.

Your motivations may change over time and that’s okay, but having some direction will help you stick with it!

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