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1 Basic Business Principle for Selling Your Jewelry

There are so many business principles you could learn and apply to your jewelry business.

But here’s just one that can help you get started on the path to find some good success in this kind of industry: treat your business as a business, not a hobby.

Many people may go into a sales opportunity like selling jewelry, MaryKay, or LuLaRoe thinking it will be a fun little side hustle to do in your spare time.

And that is totally okay! As long as you understand that if you treat your business as a hobby, you most likely won’t see a lot of profit from that.

What Is Your Approach?

Treating your business as a business rather than a hobby will mean you’ll put in the work and effort needed to make it as successful as you want it. It means you’ll learn the other business principles such as how to do books and how to calculate your profit. It means you’ll be trying new things and doing hard things.

So if you’ve been finding yourself struggling to grow and get the success you want, one thing you may want to ask yourself is, “Am I treating my business like a business, or a hobby?”

Maybe you’ve just been coasting along, only putting in a few hours a week. As mentioned, that’s totally okay if your goal is only to pursue your business as a fun hobby – there are other things that may rightly take priority in your life, such as church and family. You may want to consider your goals and see if your approach is lining up with where you want your business to be.

If you’re wanting to treat your business more like a business, what is one step you can take to improve? Perhaps you want to get some training on handling finances or purchase a computer or order some business cards or set up a Facebook VIP group.

Whatever it is, try to take that one step this week!

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Sam Pelton