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How to Get an Active Facebook Group

Entrepreneur and CEO James Pelton describes the first step in growing your jewelry business as growing your Facebook group.

But he doesn’t stop there. You’ll want to go beyond simply growing the numbers in your Facebook group to growing the number of active members.

Just having a lot of people in the group doesn’t do much if people aren’t seeing the posts.

Having active people in your group will help more people to see and participate in your posts and hopefully help you get more sales.

Tips for Increasing Engagement

Here are some ways to get an active Facebook group:

  • Play games
  • Ask questions
  • Share photos
  • Go live

You want to encourage participation as much as possible. Not all your posts have to be business or sales related – Post things that people are interested in. The more engaged people are the more likely they’ll see your actual sales posts.

What’s something you can do this week to help encourage participation in your Facebook group? Any fun games you could play with your group members? Any funny stories or cute photos you could share? Any interesting questions you could ask?

You can even incentivize people to participate by offering something – such as an entry in a drawing for a free piece of jewelry.

Try implementing at least one engagement post this week and see how your Facebook group responds.

Here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • Play “Movie Line Madness” – “We’re going to tell a story using only movie lines! I’ll start with a line from one movie and each person can comment with another line (whether from the same movie or a different one) to make up a brand new (probably wacky) story.”
  • If you’re going on vacation somewhere, ask for recommendations on fun things to do.
  • Share a photo of something you did over the weekend and ask people what they did.

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