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2 Ways to Get People to Sign Up for Your Text Alerts

Text alerts are a great way to notify people about your live sales and other promotions or events you have going on.

After all, we all pay attention to our texts – don’t you?

But here’s the rub: How can you actually get people to sign up for your texts?

At Mobile Text Alerts we have 2 ways people can sign themselves up for your text alerts.

Texting in a Keyword

Your account will come with at least one free “keyword” – This is a word unique to your account that people can text in to a particular number and be automatically subscribed to your texts.

For example, you could set your keyword as something like Dazzle on the number 74121. Then people could text the word Dazzle to 74121 and they would be automatically added to your list.

Going to Your Online Sign-Up Page

Your Mobile Text Alerts account will also come with a free online sign-up page people can visit to fill out a form and be added to your text list.

One benefit of using the online page is that it gives people a space to easily enter their name so that you know who exactly is signing up for your texts.

Tips for Getting People to Subscribe

  • Share your text-in instructions and link to your sign-up page everywhere that you can (as long as it’s in keeping with compliance)
    • As mentioned in previous posts, be careful about posting links outside of Facebook when making posts on Facebook as they may be less likely to show up in people’s news feeds – You can instead say something like “See the link to sign-up below” with an emoji pointing down and post the sign-up page link in the comments, pinning that comment to the top
  • Try to get every customer and VIP group member on your text list
  • Incentivize people to join by entering them into some kind of giveaway (you can use our Text-In Giveaway feature to help with that)
  • Mention instructions for signing up during your live sales

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