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How to Maximize Your Facebook Reach

Facebook does not necessarily have great reach when it comes to showing your posts to your customers.

That being said, you obviously shouldn’t abandon Facebook. Many people spend hours each day on their social media, and it’s free for you to sell there.

There are ways to help increase your reach so that you can get the most out of your Facebook posts.

Here are some ways to do that!

Don’t Use Links that Take People Away from Facebook

Try to avoid including links in your posts that take people away from Facebook – such as links to YouTube videos, your consultant site, etc.

If you want to send people to a link outside of videos, you can say something about “the link is below,” put the link in the comments, and then pin that comment to the top.

Now, this concept doesn’t apply to links you might post that are still within Facebook (such as links to one of your live videos or a Facebook group).

Keep Your Facebook Group Engaged

Facebook will primarily show your content to people who are more active in your group.

So you’ll want to do what you can to keep people engaged – whether that be posting jokes, games, inspiring quotes, quizzes, polls, getting people’s opinions, or anything else that can encourage likes, comments, and shares.

When someone first joins the group is the most crucial time to get them to be active, so one thing you can try is to tag someone new when they add themselves and ask them a question about themselves.

Make Posts that Get a Lot of Likes and Comments

If you want a lot of people to see a particular post, you’ll want to post content that will encourage more likes and comments

The more likes and comments a post gets, the more likely it will be to be seen by more people in the group.

You can even check your “Group Insights” tab in the column on the left side of your group (if viewing from a computer) to help get data on which of your posts are performing well.

Respond to Your Customers

When you’re getting engagement and interaction, you want to be sure to engage back – Respond to people’s comments.

This is also beneficial because it encourages more engagement on their end as well as they will likely respond back.

So don’t get discouraged by a lack of engagement. Try out these tips and do what you can to make your Facebook group as effective as possible!

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