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How to Help Make Sure People Actually Show Up to Your Live Sales

Let’s say you’ve got an online following.

And let’s say you’re selling to people consistently (particularly via live sales on Facebook).

How can you get people to actually show up at your sales? How do you move beyond the 0-3 views you may be getting when you go live?

The Problem: Reach

When most consultants go live, they just post on Facebook.

The Facebook is that business posts on Facebook do not have a significant reach. Facebook does not like to show these posts to people who are scrolling through.

So you have to start reaching your customers a different way.

The Solution: Text Alerts

Although there are several different methods you can (and should) use to help increase your customer reach, text alerts are extremely effective.

Some reports say up to 99% of people read their texts. So if you send out a text alert to 100 of your customers letting them know you’re running a live sale, you can assume that 99 of them will actually view the text.

If only 10% of those 99 who see your text make a $10 purchase, then you’ve made almost $100 of sales.

And the more you grow your online audience and get them into your text list, the more potential you have to seem some awesome results from your text notifications.

Texting is admittedly one of the more expensive options for communicating with your audience (as avenues like Facebook Messenger are free and email is very affordable), it can yield high returns because so many people see it.

What methods are you using to reach your customers and let them know about your live sales? Are you taking full advantage of Messenger, email, and texting?

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