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2 Ways to Sell on Facebook

We’ve discussed why it’s important to sell on Facebook but how can you go about that?

How do you sell on Facebook? Where do you start?

There are 2 main ways to sell on Facebook: album sales and live sales.

Album Sales

Album sales are where you post your inventory into your photo albums, and your customers can scroll through them and purchase.

These kinds of sales are nice because they don’t require your time, people can shop at their own pace anytime, and you don’t have to be around.

An album sale is just a photo album on your Facebook business page or your VIP group that has images of all your products and people can comment to claim what they want.

You could post these albums to both your public business page and your private VIP group, or just post it to your business page and share it to your VIP group.

People can then browse through the photos and comment something like “claim” or “mine” on what they want. You can then send them an invoice and give them a deadline to pay (say 48 hours).

Pretty simple!

Live Sales

Although album sales are relaxed and don’t require your presence, live sales can be better in terms of selling more.

People want to buy from you, not just your business page.

A live sale involves you going live (preferably on your public business page and then sharing it to your VIP group) to showcase your inventory, and then people can comment to claim what they want.

We recommend emphasizing live sales but it would be good to do a combination of both. Try to find a good groove for you and your business!

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