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How to Use Your Consultant Site for Online Sales

If you’re going to be very successful in your jewelry business you will have to do some selling online. (In fact, you will most likely find that the majority of your business will be online.)

Now that may sound scary to you. Maybe the thought of selling online seems like something only bigger business could do. But don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be scary!

You have an awesome free tool to help: your consultant site.

The consultant site is a super easy way to sell online.

Consultant Site Goals

There are 2 goals with your consultant site:

  • Get people to buy your jewelry
  • Get people to join your team

Anyone who makes a purchase while using your sign or who signs up as a consultant will be credited to YOU.

And it doesn’t cost you anything!

Sharing Your Consultant Site

You get this site for free as a part of being a consultant, and you’ll want to share the link for this site EVERYWHERE that you can:

  • Put it in your VIP group
  • Put it on your business cards
  • Put it in your email signature
  • And anywhere else you can think of (as long as it’s within compliance)

Although you can’t make a lot of customizations to this site, you can make some. So do what you can to tell your story and talk about your “why” – your motivations behind why you became a consultant and started selling. (And put in your link to your VIP group if you can!)

Are you utilizing your consultant site to its full advantage? What more could you be doing to promote and share your link? Is there one action you can take this week to better promote your site?

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Sam Pelton