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10 Things You Can Do to Engage Your Facebook Group

So you have a VIP group on Facebook.

Now what?

How can you grow and engage and take advantage of this group?

Here are some tips!

  1. Link to your group everywhere: on business cards, your email signature, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  2. Ask people often to join your VIP group – message them, email them.
  3. Anytime someone makes a purchase, try to get them in your VIP group.
  4. Have a “welcome post” and tag new group members in the post with a question (i.e. “What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?”) to get them to interact as quickly as possible after joining. This will increase the likelihood of Facebook’s algorithm showing them posts from the group in the future.
  5. Create a “welcome video” introducing yourself and telling your story, and pin it to the top of your group. This helps get people hooked on you as a person.
  6. Post often with engaging content such as questions that get people to interact.
  7. Do “results” posts of your actual customers wearing your jewelry.
  8. Post interesting stories with details that people will enjoy reading.
  9. Post pictures and do live videos.
  10. Learn from others – Facebook is constantly changing, so see what other successful consultants are doing and try it out for yourself.

Hopefully these tips can be a helpful starting point for you to make the most out of your VIP group!

There is so much you can do and you can always be learning and growing. Don’t get too overwhelmed if this is all too much – Take one or two of the tips and focus on them this week. Then the next week take another tip or two.

As they say, “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch; mile by mile, life’s a trial.” 🙂

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