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6 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Profile for Success in Your Business

Your personal Facebook profile, though not business-oriented, can still be a useful tool to help the success of your business.

Here are some tips on how to optimize your personal Facebook profile for success in your business.

Get a Facebook Profile

First off, let’s get one thing out of the way – If you are trying to run your business but don’t have a Facebook profile, get one.

Particularly in the current industry as a jewelry consultant, Facebook is vital to your success.

It’s free, so there’s not really a good reason not to get one if you’re wanting to be as successful as possible in your business.

Showcase Your Jewelry in Facebook Photos

You can put friends and family and whoever else in your profile picture and cover photo, but you also want to include yourself wearing your jewelry prominently.

Mention Your Business in Your Bio

Your bio should have the typical “about me” information, but you should also have something about your business in there.

If it’s in accordance with compliance, you want to include the link for your VIP group as well (a link people can go to learn more info).

Set Your Profile to Public

You may be concerned about privacy, and that’s understandable. But if people can’t see your profile, then your potential to reach new customers diminishes.

So if you really want to be successful, you’ll want to set your privacy settings to Public.

Request New Friends

Try to request 5 new friends per day. Use the “People You May Know” suggestions, or search interest groups and friend request people in there.

Post About Your Business Periodically

Don’t overload your personal profile with business posts, but from time to time post pictures or stories about your business and your jewelry.

Post about opportunities your business has provided, or some purchases your business has allowed you to make (not to brag or show off but to showcase the blessing your business has been and maybe even plant a seed in people who may want to join your team).

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