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How to Use Your Facebook Account to Grow Your Online Audience

As a consultant, like it or not, Facebook is a vital tool for your business.

There is so much potential in Facebook but where do you start? You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

What to put on your personal profile

Your personal profile should be about you, not your business – who you are as an individual.

This is where you share your life stories and pictures of friends and family.

This is not going to be the primary place for you to be selling. Your personal profile helps people get to know you as a person and connect with you.

What to put on your business page

Your public business page, on the other hand, is not about you but rather about your business.

This is where you can do your album sales and live sales.

What to put in your VIP group

This is where you will really grow your audience.

Ideally, this group will be filled with people who actually want to buy from you.

Facebook’s algorithm will show posts from your VIP group to your audience a lot more than your posts from your public page. So most of your repeat sales will happen from people in your VIP group.

This means that your main goal after someone purchases is to get them to join your VIP group to help encourage them to make further purchases in the future.

Now, when you do a live sale, you should actually do it from your public business page so that it has the potential for anyone to see it, and then you can share it to your VIP group.

With these tips in mind, get out there and start growing your online audience through Facebook!

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Sam Pelton