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9 Things You Should Include in Your Daily Routine If You Want to Be Successful

If you want to be successful in your jewelry business, you not only need to set aside time daily to commit to your business but you need to fill up this time with valuable tasks that actually produce results.

Here’s a snapshot of 9 suggestions to do daily.

5 Minutes of Gratitude

5 Minutes of Checking Your Goals

10 Minutes of Connecting with Your Audience

  • Not selling but something that helps your audience get to know you

5 Minutes of Responding to Audience Questions and Comments

10 Minutes of Finding New Leads/Friends

  • Try to friend request at least 10 new people per day

10 Minutes of Messaging People about Becoming a Consultant

  • Try to message at least 5 people per day

5 Minutes of Messaging People About Hosting a Party

  • Try to message at least 5 people per day

5 Minutes of Learning and Implementing Something New

All of that should take about an hour if you really focus and get it all done.

You can do that hour of work EVERY DAY and you’ll see MASSIVE results in your business.

Sam Pelton

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