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How to Get More Local Customers (and Why It’s Important)

Although as a consultant most likely a large majority of your business will be focused on online sales, you still need to pour work into local sales as well.


Because you want to utilize every avenue you can to earn revenue. And sometimes talking to people in person is the best way to show your enthusiasm about your business and your product!

By winning their business in person you may also be able to add them to your VIP group and garner repeat business.

Note that winning people’s business will take work – it’s not an easy task.

Here are some ideas for getting more customers!

Wear your products wherever you go

Wearing your jewelry is free advertising, so you should wear it as much as you can.

Anytime somebody comments on your jewelry, the door is wide open to lead into a friendly pitch.

This may require pushing through fears of talking to strangers – It’s okay to be scared but if you want to be successful you’ll have to act in the midst of fear. You might need to practice by just making a habit of having 1 or 2 non-business related conversations with strangers wherever you go (i.e. asking about the weather, complimenting something about them, etc.).

Have a bag of products ready

Be ready to show your products anytime by having a bag of jewelry always on hand.

Then whenever an opportunity arises, you’re ready to jump on it.

Keep business cards on hand

Don’t be afraid to hand out business cards liberally.

You never know when someone may be interested in what you have to offer!

Throw home parties

Whether in your own home or with a friend, family member, or acquaintance hosting, home parties can be a great way to get new customers.

If someone else is hosting, be sure they have some kind of incentive.

Ask boutiques and stores to sell your products

You can contact as many boutiques and stores as you can and offer some kind of incentive (such as part of your commission) to get them to sell your jewelry.

Check out other venues

Senior assisted living homes or nursing homes, flea markets, garage sales, vendor events – The opportunities are almost endless.

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