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Why You Should Focus on Your “One Thing”

Most of us spend our days bustling from one activity to another, our attention being shifted this way and that.

We get stretched too far and not really effective at anything. This can especially happen when running your own business – You feel the pull from a thousand different directions.

This is an ineffective way to live and will make you miserable!

Instead, it’s better to focus.

Have a daily goal and put everything into accomplishing that. Extraordinary results are the effect of an extremely narrow focus.

You may even need to go smaller than a daily goal – What is one thing you can do THIS SECOND to help reach your goals?

Put all your energy into that one thing, and don’t get distracted!

Many people consider multi-tasking to be a good skill. However, studies have shown you lose 30% of your effectiveness when you multitask.

So go figure out your one thing today and go focus on that!

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Sam Pelton

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