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Your Business Is Like a Gun

Your business is like a gun.

What happens if you don’t aim your gun before you shoot? Do you hit the target?

So many people don’t have goals of what they are aiming at. They just shoot for ambiguous things like “I want to grow,” or “I want to make more money.”

But if you don’t have clear, precise goals you will find yourself hitting nothing.

Maybe that’s where you’re at right now in your business. You don’t have clear goals, and so each month you feel like you are just hitting “nothing,” running around in circles, but not moving in any particular direction.

Let’s say your ultimate goal is “financial freedom”; you’ll need to decide specifically what “financial freedom” looks like for you. Is it making $75k/year? $100k/year? $250k/year?

Now let’s say you decide that your goal is to make about $100k/year, so $9k/month.

If you are at $50/month, it isn’t realistic to say, “Tomorrow I will start making $9k/month.” Why? Because there are a lot of steps along the way. NO ONE makes that much progress overnight.

Your Goals Are Dominos

Your goals are like dominos. Did you know that with a domino, you can knock over another domino 1.5x as big as itself?

If you have a 2 inch high domino, it can knock over a 3 inch domino. And a 3 inch domino can knock over a 4.5 inch domino, which can knock over a bigger domino. After 13 dominoes, you can knock over a 14 foot high domino, and after 29 dominoes you can knock over the Empire State Building

If your goal is $9k/month and you’re at $50/month, you need to figure out small steps and goals that need to be reached in order to make it to the final giant domino.

Maybe your next “domino” is to get to $100/month. And then maybe $250/month, then maybe $500/month, and so on.

You may even want to break this down into daily “dominos.” What can you do TODAY to help reach your goals? Can you go from making $1/day to $3 or to $5? Think about what this might look like for you on a daily basis.

This concept of goals can apply to any aspect of your business, whether it’s sales and recruiting.

If you have 0 people on your team, don’t get overwhelmed looking at people who have a whole team of 30 consultants. Focus on getting 1. Then once you get that 1, focus on getting 2 more. Then maybe 4 more, and so on.

This momentum will help you keep up your motivation and reach your overarching goals.

The key is to START SMALL and work your way up!

You’ll make a lot of progress before you even know it. 🙂

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