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The #1 Tip for Consultants Just Starting Out

We asked some consultants what their #1 tip was for consultants who were just starting out, or who were struggling.

The answer? Treat your business as a business, not as a hobby.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with selling your jewelry as a hobby. But just understand you won’t make a lot of money. A hobby is something done in your leisure time – not to make money.

What sometimes happens is people start out thinking, “Oh, this will be fun,” but then they get frustrated when they are only making $50/month.

Running a hobby is pretty simple; running a business that makes $500/month, $1k/month, $2k/month, $5k/month, that is a lot harder! (Some people go to school for YEARS to figure out how to do it.)

So if you want to be successful but you’re only treating it like a fun hobby, it’s time to get down, dirty, and serious!


Sam Pelton

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