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6 Ways Successful People Think Differently

Have you ever noticed that some people have all the “luck”?

They seem to be successful in everything they do. Everyone likes them and they excel in everything.

It’s because these people think differently. They think like successful people.

Here are 6 ways successful people people think differently.

And you’ll want to examine yourself on these 6 things and make adjustments in your mindset where you see them.

1. Successful people think positively, unsuccessful people think negatively

Complaining, and getting upset, and whining will drain you. You will be completely exhausted all the time.

Sometimes too, this turns into a snowball – You are negative, and so your business suffers, which makes you more negative, which makes your business suffer even more

You need to break the habit, and think positively about things. This isn’t Karma or something like that – studies have shown that thinking positively gives you more energy, helps with problem solving, builds resilience, improves your decision making and draws people towards you.

2. Successful people are COMMITTED to being successful, unsuccessful people WANT to be successful

Successful people COMMIT to what they want to happen, instead of just WISHING it would happen.

There’s a legend that when Hernan Cortez came to the Americas, it’s said that he burned the boats

He did that, because he knew this was true – If his men weren’t committed to success, they would give up and leave

But if they had no other choice – if in their mind there was only one option: succeed – then they would find a way to make it happen.

3. Successful people think “I create my life,” unsuccessful people think “life happens to me”

This one is all about taking ownership of your situation and your business and your success.

Rather than complaining about what you can’t control, it’s much better to focus on what you can control – your effort, your attitude, your hustle – and take control of your own success.

We can try to blame other people. We can blame our parents, or our upline, or the company, or our coaches. But ultimately, if you want to be successful, you need to take ownership and say, “I create my life.”

4. Successful people focus on opportunities, unsuccessful people focus on obstacles

Successful people don’t look at all the hurdles, they look at the opportunities. They keep their eyes on the prize.

Instead of thinking, “It would be nice to be successful but here is an obstacle, ” we need to reshape our thinking to say, “There are some obstacles BUT look at these opportunities!”

5. Successful people admire other successful people, unsuccessful people resent successful people

The majority of people tend to resent others’ success.

People get envious and angry. They think, “I would be where you are if [fill in the blank].”

Instead of being envious and negative, learn to admire successful people.

Find consultants who you consider are doing well, and admire them. Reach out to them and ask them what they did to get where they are.

6. Successful people act in spite of fear, unsuccessful people stop because of fear

There are a lot of risks in life, especially in running your own business. And there is a level of fear involved in those risks.

Everyone experiences fear – Don’t try to “get rid” of fear. That is very difficult.

Instead, we need to just learn how to act IN SPITE of our fear.

What you’ll find is that anything you do gets easier over time.

So if you practice giving up and not doing things when you are afraid, you will grow into that kind of person

But if you practice pushing forward when you are afraid, you’ll find the things you fear becoming easier.

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