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2 Ways to Hustle for More Customers

Succeeding at your business takes more than just determination.

It takes hustle.

First, you need to have a strong motivator – a powerful why behind what you’re doing.

But after that you need to work, and work hard, to get more customers.

Here are some tips on how you can hustle to get more customers.

Wear your jewelry and go places

You should wear your jewelry everywhere you go.

It’s free advertising, and a great way to start a conversation.

Someone asks, “I love your necklace! Where did you get it?” And you can reply, “I actually sell them! It’s only $5” and hand them your business card.

So just wear your products to the bank, to the park, to the store – anywhere and everywhere!

Have a case full of products always on hand in your car in case an opportunity comes up. Be ready to tell people, “I have some inventory on hand with me actually, want to take a look?”

Terrified of talking to strangers? Here’s a challenge: the next time you go out, make it a point to strike up one conversation with a stranger. Not about your business necessarily, but about anything – the weather, a compliment about something nice they’re wearing or their hair, etc.

Once you get more comfortable, step it up a notch and make it a point to talk to 2 or 3 people. The more you do it, the more you’ll get used to it!

Do home parties

Another thing that can help with hustling to get more customers is home parties.

You can throw these yourself, or get a friend or acquaintance to host by offering them some free items.

Be upfront that you will be selling, but make it a party! Have food, some games, maybe some decorations. (But don’t spend too much – you don’t want to spend more than you’ll make from the party.)

The goal of these is not necessarily to make a lot of sales during the party but to acquire more customers who may be likely to purchase from you again (and/or host their own party with you).

These are just a couple ways to hustle for more customers! If you’re interested in more tips like this, feel free to check out our course on doubling your revenue in 90 days.

Sam Pelton

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