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3 Ways (Besides Facebook) to Get People to Your Live Sales

Facebook is an awesome place for you to get people to see your live sales (especially since that’s probably where your live sales are hosted!)

However, you don’t want to be overly reliant on Facebook’s algorithms to get people notified about your live sales. You want to incorporate other methods to maximize the potential audience for your sales.

The less reliant you can be on Facebook the better!

Here are 3 ways besides Facebook you can get people to your live sales.

1. Facebook Messenger

Although this is slightly cheating since Messenger is a product of Facebook, you can take advantage of the free messaging platform to let people know when you’re going live.

Facebook Messenger can be an excellent way to reach people, especially when you don’t have their phone number.

2. Email

Email is another very inexpensive platform you can use to direct people to your live sales.

Build a customer email list and send out emails when you go live to help drive up the audience for your sale.

3. Texting

Texting is highly effective because everyone reads their texts while not everyone checks their Messenger and certainly not everyone reads all of their email.

It is a bit pricier but the cost can more than pay for itself when you consider that some reports show up to 98% of texts are opened and read!

Once you start getting more than a handful of customers you won’t be able to easily use your phone to send mass texts to people about your sales. You’ll want to get set up with a text alert system.

You can check out the pricing plans for our texting product Mobile Text Alerts here (the plans have a 30 day moneyback guarantee). Or you can get a free year subscription if you sign up for our training course.

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