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3 Basic Things You Need to Be Successful on Facebook

For direct sales businesses, Facebook is vital.

In this day and age what you do on Facebook could make or break your business.

But there’s so much to navigate – Where do you start?

With the basics.

There are 3 basic things you need to be successful on Facebook.

1. Your Personal Profile

Your personal profile should be primarily about YOU, not about your business. This is where you start YOUR brand as a person – Remember, you are not your jewelry; you are your own brand.

Your personal profile should have information about you, your beliefs. You should have pictures of yourself, your family, your friends, what you like to do for fun. Your personal profile is where you connect with people

This is not the place where you will be primarily doing your selling. If your personal profile is FULL of selling your jewelry, then when you try to connect with people, they aren’t going to be very interested in connecting with you.

So on your personal profile let people know YOU.

2. Your Business Page

This page is the opposite of your personal profile – It should be all about your BUSINESS.

This is where you should do your selling (your album sales and your live sales).

Your business page should be public so anyone can view it, and this is where you’ll run your live sales.

3. Your VIP Group

Your private VIP group will actually be the core of your business.

This is because Facebook doesn’t show posts from public business pages to very many people, but people in your VIP group are much more likely to see your posts.

Your VIP group is where you start to grow your audience. It’s where you add people who WANT TO BUY FROM YOU. Most of your sales will happen from people in your VIP group, so this is where you want to keep people engaged.

When someone buys from you, your main goal after they buy is to get them to join your VIP group. That’s how they now become REPEAT customers that you can sell to again.

If you’re going live, you should do it from your public business page so that anyone can have access to view it, and then share it to your VIP group.

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Sam Pelton

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