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How to Increase Profit by Increasing Reach

Many consultants find that they’re doing what they feel like they should be doing – they are building their Facebook group and are going live consistently – but they can’t get anyone to show up to their live sales.

No matter how hard they try, they can only get a few people to watch.

Does that sound familiar?

The problem is REACH.

What many people do when they go live is just post on their Facebook group something like, “I’m going live tonight at 7pm!”

The problem with that is that Facebook has really started to penalize posts from businesses while boosting posts from friends and family. That’s great for your Facebook experience, but it’s bad when you’re trying to sell on Facebook.

According to our CEO James Pelton, the average reach rate on a business Facebook post is 6%. So if you have a Facebook group of 1,000 people, and you post to Facebook, 60 people will see that. And of those 60 people who see it, on average maybe 5% will show up to your live sale. So what’s 5% of 60? 3 people.

Simply growing your Facebook group won’t help too much with this – Even if you added 500 people that may only increase the number of people who show up by 2.

Here are 4 solutions to help with that!

1. Maximize Your Facebook Reach

There are things you can do to help increase your Facebook reach above that 6% average.

More on this in a future post!

2. Use Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is a powerful tool for getting people to show up at your live sales. Take advantage of this free tool as best you can!

3. Send Emails

Email is another avenue that has been used for over 20 years for getting info out. Although it sometimes doesn’t have great reach either, it is inexpensive and something you can utilize.

4. Send Text Alerts

Texting is by far the most effective tool since it has a read rate of up to 99%. And people who receive a text are probably more likely to interact with it than if they just see a Facebook post. So if you had 1,000 people receiving a text, about 990 would read that message and maybe about 10% would show up to your live sale as a result.

It is a costlier option but the payoff can be well worth it if you can get 99 people to show up as opposed to 3 (as described above in the introduction example).

Hopefully these tips help you increase your profit by increasing the number of people who show up to your live sales!

If you haven’t already, try a free trial text alert account today to see how it can help increase your reach.

Sam Pelton