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4 Final Tips for Running the Most Effective Live Sales

Concluding our series that has included 4 Tips for Running the Most Effective Live Sales, 5 More Tips for Running the Most Effective Live Sales and Yet Another 5 Tips here are 5 final tips.

15. Find a Format that Works for You

The format of your live video doesn’t matter too much, but you want to make it entertaining and hold people’s interest.

Some people like to do a game, then show their inventory, then another game.

Some people like to use a game as means to sell.

Some people like to go through their inventory and then do a game at the end.

You can experiment, try different things, and find a groove that works for you! It’s a good idea to watch how other people do things and see if they have any ideas you can try. But you want to make it your own!

16. Be Fun

This goes along with being excited, but do your best to come across fun and entertaining.

Don’t just go through your inventory with emotionless description (“This is a green ring”) but imagine you had just purchased it brand new for yourself and loved it and wanted to share that enthusiasm!

Don’t be fake, but be the “funnest” version of yourself. 🙂

17. Have a Plan

It’s important to have some kind of plan before you hit that “Live” button. You don’t need to have a whole script written out, but at least have an idea of what you are planning on doing.

That’s not to see your plan can’t change according to your audience participation, or you could even ask for input from your audience (“Should we play Jeopardy, or Wheel of Fortune?”) but figure out how the games are going to work beforehand.

18. Consider Your Video’s Length

As long as people are watching your video, you can keep going. Generally speaking, the longer the better.

You can go through your whole inventory once or twice. The longer you can make it, the more exposure you will get!

(But remember, keep it entertaining and exciting for people!)

There you have it! 18 tips for running the most effective live sales.

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