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5 More Tips for Running the Most Effective Live Sales

Following up on our previous post of 4 Tips for Running the Most Effective Live Sales here are some more tips.

5. Have a Good Description

For your live videos you’ll want to enter a description that is catchy and will draw people’s interest.

Some consultants put something like “Stop scrolling!” which can help catch people’s eye.

You could use emojis, describe a bit about who you are, tell a story of why you started selling, say something about “Beautiful jewelry, all only $5!”

6. Start Right Away

Start talking right away after you hit the button to go live. You don’t want to wait around for people to show up.

If you say, “We’re going to wait for people,” then you’ll lose the audience you have. It also will be awkward for people watching the replay (which the majority of views may actually come from the replay than the live video itself).

7. Begin with Small Talk

You can start your live video with some small talk. Maybe talk a little about yourself to give people time to get on.

For example, “Hi, I’m _____ and I sell jewelry. I’ve been a retailer for a year now, and I started selling so that I could supplement my income to take my family on vacation more often. I go live every Wednesday and Friday at 6pm CT.”

8. Smile

You want to be warm and welcoming in your live video.

This starts with something simple: smiling.

A simple smile can go a long way in inviting people to yourself.

9. Welcome People

Say a greeting to people who come onto your live.

“Hi Tammy, how are you? Thanks for joining!”

This helps to engage your audience and show appreciation for people who are taking time out of their day to watch you.

We hope this tips are helpful! Stay tuned for more tips on running effective live sales.

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Sam Pelton