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How Do You Get People to Your Parties and Live Sales?

Do you find it difficult to get people to even show up to your parties and live sales?

You may think, “How can my business grow if nobody sees what I’m selling? How can I get them to come?”

You may feel like you’ve tried everything with little to no success.

Here are a few tips that may help!

1. Hold raffles

You can hold raffles with free products as the prize.

The more people that comment or share your posts/video the more entries they will get into the raffle. Then you can input all the raffle entries into a site like Comment Picker and randomly select a winner. And make sure to get them their free prize!

2. Play games

Engage your audience with games like Hangman, Clue, or Bingo and offer a prize to the winner (such as free shipping or free items).

For example, you could make up a Clue game (“Julie Jewelry has been MURDERED! Help solve the mystery by guessing the suspect, weapon, and room below. I’ll let you know how many answers you have correct!”). Then have a list of made-up names, weapons, and rooms.

This is a fun way to get people engaged and if you offer a prize for their winner people will be motivated to participate.

3. Send text alerts

You can use a service like our text alert service to send out text reminders for your party or live sales.

Since everyone generally pays attention to their texts, this can increase the likelihood that people will show up. Just send out a quick reminder like this: “Going LIVE right now with brand-new jewelry pieces! Check out my group: (Group link)”

Hopefully these tips can be helpful for you in increasing attendance to your parties and live sales! And hopefully an increased attendance will result in increased sales. 🙂

Sam Pelton