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Do you have a plan?

When running your own business, it may be tempting sometimes to just fly by the seat of your pants.

You may not have any particular goals or plans. You may think, “I’ll just work on my business when I have time.”

Unfortunately with this kind of mindset you may not see very good results.

Even if you only plan on selling your jewelry as a side business, you still need a plan. You need goals. You need a why – a motivator behind what you’re doing.

Your plan and goals don’t need to be complicated. Here are some example goals you could start with:

“Work 7-8 each morning and 9-10 each evening.”

“Make $100 of sales each week.”

“Give out 20 business cards each week.”

The point is to at least have some kind of plan. You want your goals to be something not too far out of reach but still challenging enough to keep you pushing forward.

So what is your plan? What are your goals? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all model for these because each person’s circumstances are different.

You may be wanting to work your way up to replacing a full-time salary, or you may just want a few extra spending dollars.

Either way, figure out a plan with goals that work for you. Write down some goals and check in periodically to see how you’re tracking with them, or whether you need to adjust them.

Simply having a plan in place can help you be much more successful in running your business!

Sam Pelton

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