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5 More Steps for When You’re First Starting Out

Getting started with your business can be overwhelming!

What can you do to help set yourself up for success?

Following up from the last blog post, here are 5 more steps for when you’re first starting out.

6. Set up your consultant website

You get a personally branded website for free and can point people there who may want to buy from you or join under you.

Customize this site and tell a little about who you are to make the most out of it.

7. Order business cards

Business cards help add a level of professionalism to your business.

Get some professionally-printed business cards and include important information such as your contact info as well as the link to your Facebook group and website.

Carry your business cards everywhere and be generous in handing them out everywhere.

8. Get a bling bag

In addition to your business cards, carry a bag around everywhere you go.

In this bag have some of your jewelry products you can show and sell to people.

9. Announce your journey on Facebook

Although you generally don’t want to be selling on your personal Facebook profile, go ahead and make an announcement letting your friends and family know about the business you’ve started.

You can use this post to share your “why” – your motivation behind why you started selling – and to make people aware of what you’re doing.

10. Throw a launch party

Set a date and time to throw a “launch party” for your business and invite as many people as possible/feasible.

This is a great way to kick-off your business with a bang, so go all out with this!

We hope these 10 steps from James Pelton’s course are helpful in getting you started with your business! Comment below if you have any questions or tips of your own.

Sam Pelton

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