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5 Steps for When You’re First Starting Out

When you’re first starting out with a business, things could get overwhelming.

There’s so much to figure out, so much to learn, and so much to do!

Where do you start?

Here are a few steps you can take when first starting out.

1. Set up a work schedule

Even though you’re working from home and don’t answer to anyone, it’s still a good idea to set up a schedule for yourself. If you don’t set up some kind of schedule you will likely either never get anything productive done with your business, or your business will consume your life and you will be working on it 24-7.

A work schedule can help you find a good balance!

2. Set up a business email address

You want to set up a professional email address for your business – You don’t want something with numbers or unprofessional wording. You can easily set up a free email at

3. Set up credit card processing

People are using cash and checks less and less, so if you want your business to thrive you will want to be able/willing to accept card payments.

You can use PayPal invoicing or a site like to accept card payments. It does cost per transaction but you will get so many more sales if you can take credit cards!

4. Create a Facebook business page

Create a public page on Facebook for your business so that people can find your business on social media. This is where you can promote yourself and your business.

5. Create a VIP Facebook group

Separate from a business page, you can create a private VIP Facebook group. This is where you’ll do most of your selling!

These are just a few steps to get started. There are a few more steps you can take advantage of, so stay tuned!

Sam Pelton

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