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9 Simple Daily Tasks You Can Do in an Hour to Drastically Improve Your Business

Although it’s important to know overarching sales concepts, sometimes you just want to get down to the nitty-gritty and figure out EXACTLY what you should be doing to improve your business.

What are some simple to-do’s you can take on that aren’t overwhelming but can yield awesome results?

Here are some simple tasks you can do each day (these come from James’s course on doubling your sales).

1. Focus on gratitude (5 minutes)

Spend a few minutes each day just sitting down and getting in the right mindset.

Get your head focused on gratitude and positivity rather than complaining and negativity.

Instead of starting your day with “I’m not where I want to be!”, start with “Look how far I’ve come!”

2. Check your goals (5 minutes)

Once you’ve gotten in the right mindset of thankfulness and gratitude, spend 5 minutes thinking about your specific goals and whether you’re on track to reach them.

For example, if your goal was to sell 50 pieces of jewelry this week, are you behind, ahead, or on track with that? If you’re behind, consider some actions you could take to help catch up.

Or if you don’t have any specific goals yet, spend this time to set some so that you can track your progress.

3. Check messages and follow up (5 minutes)

Take a little bit of time to go through any business-related private messages/texts and respond.

After you’ve messaged people back who are waiting for a response, go through some of your customer list and follow up with a few people who have purchased to see if they’re enjoying their products or have any questions.

4. Connect with your audience (10 minutes)

Do something not sales-y for your audience, whether it’s posting some useful info or doing a quick live video.

Be authentic with this and allow your personality and your real life to shine through. Be yourself and share something that your audience enjoys and wants to see.

5. Respond to social media comments and questions (5 minutes)

Go through any comments people have made on Facebook or other social media sites and post a personal response.

Generally try to respond to every comment people make (unless a response wouldn’t make sense in the context of the post).

6. Find new leads/friends (10 minutes)

Spend time every day finding new friends on Facebook and other social media.

We would suggest friend requesting at least 10 people per day. You can find these friends via mutual friend suggestions or groups you may be a part of.

You want to extend your influence as far as you can if you want your business to succeed.

7. Message people about becoming a consultant (10 minutes)

Some of the big money in direct sales businesses involve recruiting other consultants to join.

With that in mind, think through people who might possibly be interested in becoming a consultant (or people you haven’t had a conversation about it with before) and message them.

Try to go through and message at least 5 people each day.

8. Message people about hosting a party (5 minutes)

Like you did with messaging people about becoming a consultant, go through and message people about hosting a party.

Again, try to go through and message at least 5 people each day. Offer some kind of incentive for hosting a party with you (such as free products).

9. Learn something new (5 minutes)

Spend 5 minutes learning something new – whether that be watching YouTube videos, reading articles, talking to your upline, or some other kind of training.

Then don’t just let the knowledge sit in your head but implement it as soon as possible!

All of that can take about an hour or so if you really focus. And doing this consistently every day can yield awesome results for your business!

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Sam Pelton