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3 Steps to Using Text Alerts for Your Business

Texting is currently the marketing avenue most people will see – It has a high much higher read rate than email or social media.

But how can you use text alerts for your business?

1. Get a text alert system set up

The first step is to get a text alert system up and running. You can set up a free test account at to get a feel for how it works before investing any money.

2. Get people to subscribe

Once you have a text alert system up and running, you need to get people to subscribe to your texts. They can do this by texting in a particular word associated with your account, or by going to a free online sign-up page.

One way to get people to subscribe is to offer an incentive, such as an entry into a drawing. With any paid text alert account you can opt your subscribers into our $250 Amazon gift card giveaway as well, so you can use that as an incentive too.

3. Send updates for your live sales

One major reason consultants use text alerts is to let people know about their live sales. You can send out a text 5 or 10 minutes before to remind people, or send out a text right when the live starts.

This can really help drive viewers to your sales which can, in turn, produce more sales!

If you’re not sending text alert updates for your business, you could be missing out! Give it a try today.

Sam Pelton

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