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How to Build Engagement in Your Facebook Group

You have probably been told that you should have a VIP Facebook group. And you definitely should!

But say you’ve created the group. So now what?

How do you build engagement in your Facebook group so that it is as effective as possible in bringing in sales?

1. Welcome post

Facebook’s algorithm will detect whether or not someone is active in a group when they first join and will use that information to help determine how much content from the group is shown to that person.

Write up a welcome post when you get new members by tagging them and asking a question or asking them to introduce themselves.

They will be likely to see and respond if they are tagged and thus Facebook will be more likely to show them future posts.

There will be a “Write Post” link on the right side of your screen (if using a computer) that will automatically tag newer members for you, so you can use that to help if you have a lot of new adds.

2. Welcome video

Another way to boost engagement is to do a video of yourself welcoming people, perhaps telling a little about yourself and why you started selling your product.

You can mark this video as an announcement and pin it to the top of your group so that it’s always at the top of the feed.

3. Post engaging content

You want to post content that gets engagement. Some ways you can do this include:

  • Ask questions
  • Tell stories
  • Post images
  • Upload pre-recorded videos
  • Do live videos

You want people to comment, like, and share as much as possible. The more engagement, the better!

These are just a few tips for engaging your Facebook group. What steps can you take today to improve your group?

Sam Pelton

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