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What to Know if You’re Going into Business with Your Spouse

Some of you may work your business (or are thinking about working your business) with your spouse.

After all, you’re already married – Going into business together should be easy, right?

Well… Maybe

Here are some things to know if you’re going into business with your spouse.

1. It could strain your marriage

You and your spouse are different people. You have different opinions, ideas, and personalities.

Sometimes these differences can clash, and if you go into business together these differences could rub against each other.

If you don’t communicate well and if you’re clashing all the time regarding the business it could put a wedge between you.

2. It could strengthen your marriage

On the flipside of the last point, going into business together could strengthen your marriage.

Having a business together gives you something else in common – something to work on together. It could help bond you and help you learn how to work together. It gives you another point of connection, another reason to spend time together.

3. It could make your business fall apart

If you don’t manage your partnership well, you won’t find good success in your business. You will need good and clear communication about who is doing what, who is responsible for which tasks.

Don’t just assume your spouse is doing what you think they’re doing – ask them! Otherwise you may get customers who never receive their orders because each spouse thought the other was going to ship it, or potential customers who never get to purchase because neither of you knew who was supposed to follow up with them

4. It could make your business thrive

If you do manage your partnership well, going into business with your spouse could be amazingly successful. Because your spouse is different and has a unique perspective, he can bring something to the table that you can’t.

Together you can offer different ideas, evaluate which ones might work best, and establish something together that is stronger than it would be if you were on your own.

You can also relegate tasks to the partner that is most suited for them. For example, perhaps your spouse is a good people person and you are good at managing inventory. You can relegate customer follow-up to your spouse while you handle the inventory.

5. It will look different for each couple

Lastly, just as each person is unique, so each marriage is unique. Your business partnership with your spouse may not look the same as your friend’s or people you see on social media.

Some married couples may not be able to do business together because of clashing personalities. Some may hardly have any conflicts at all. The important thing is that you and your spouse decide what is best for you as a couple. Try not to compare yourself too much to others!

Sam Pelton