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Your “Why”: The Most Important Thing for Your Business

Everyone needs a strong “why” for their business.

You need a powerful motivator to keep you going or else you will give up when things get hard. That’s just human nature!

Have you thought hard about your “why”? – Why did you start your business? Why do you continue in your business?

It needs to be something more than just “make more money” – That is simply a means to an end. What is the ultimate end?

Here are some examples of good “why”s as described in James Pelton’s course.

1. Provision for your family

This gets to the heart of it. Your primary motivator might simply be to make ends meet for your family.

This can be an extremely powerful motivator, especially when you have kids to take care of!

2. Financial freedom

At some point you may get financially stable enough that providing for your family isn’t a major stress in your life.

Your motivation may shift to wanting to be financially free – wanting to be able to buy the things you want and go on vacation, wanting to be in control of your income and not controlled by it.

3. Decision freedom

Perhaps your motivation isn’t so much being financially free but more so having freedom in your decisions.

This means being able to work from home, be your own boss, and take time off when you want. You want to be able to make choices for yourself!

4. Time freedom

Once you get to a point where you’re making quite a bit of money, your motivation may shift to wanting to free up your time.

This is where retirement comes in. That’s the “why” for a lot of people – they want to work hard until they get to a place where they don’t have to work anymore and have 100% of their time to themselves.

5. Impact

A big motivator for people who have all the time or money they want/need is the desire to make a difference.

James Pelton provides an example, “My wife and I have a heart for kids, so we’ve always wanted to adopt a child from Haiti. Well, as we were going through the process, we found out that it costs about $45,000 to adopt from Haiti. That’s a really good ‘why’; it’s a good motivator. If you want to help kids in Haiti, then you are going to need your business to be successful. You’re going to need to grow Mobile Text Alerts so that you can afford $45,000 to adopt. And we may want to help OTHER families adopt, so we need to make a lot more than $45,000 – So that is motivation that helps through the hard times to grow the business.”

So what is your “why”? What drives you? What keeps you going?

You want to get really clear on this so that you can have the motivation you need to make your business successful!

Sam Pelton

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