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4 Tips to Find a Good Balance

With a direct sales business it can be hard to find a good balance in life.

With a normal 9-5 job, you typically go to work and are in “work mode” and then come home and are in “home mode.”

With a work from home business the lines get blurred. You might be feeding your kids breakfast while responding to texts from customers wanting to make an order. You might be in the checkout at the grocery store answering a quick question on Facebook about your product.

Your “work mode” can bleed into your “home mode” and it all gets meshed together.

How do you keep yourself from going crazy trying to devote the time you need both to your family/friends and your work?

The key is to find a good balance.

Although there is no perfect answer for this, here are some tips that may help.

1. Set “Office Hours” for Yourself

One way to help maintain some sanity is to designate some “office hours” for yourself.

You don’t need to respond to every text or Facebook message as soon as it comes in. You may need to set some limits for yourself and designate specific times when you will respond to business-related items, and do your best to limit business activities outside of those timeframes.

This could help alleviate frustration with your friends and family as well as they’ll learn what times are your “work times” and then outside of your “work times” you will be fully present and available to them (rather than checking your phone every fifteen minutes).

2. Decide How Much Time You Want to Devote to Your Business

Some people may go into direct sales wanting it to replace a full-time income, while others may want to just pursue it as a side job for some extra cash.

Either approach is okay! You just have to decide for yourself how much time and effort you are willing to put into your business. There will always be more you can do, but the more you take on the more it will consume your life.

Again, if you find that your business is taking over your life more than you would like, you may need to set limits for yourself and be okay with not having everything perfect and not earning vast amounts of money.

One thing to note about this point is that if you’re just starting out you will likely have to devote more time into your business at first until you can get the hang of things. So if you’re new, don’t be discouraged if your business is consuming more time than expected. Give it a few weeks or months and you should have things better figured out.

3. Be Flexible

One great thing about working from home in direct sales is that you can be as flexible with your schedule as you would like.

While it’s good to have a plan and itinerary and even to plan specific times to work on your business, don’t get upset when those plans are disrupted.

Your kid forgot his inhaler and needs you to bring it to him? (No problem!)

Your mom wants you to come over for coffee? (Sure!)

Your husband asks you to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy? (Will do!)

Although you can’t say “yes” to everything, don’t forget that working from home allows the amazing opportunity of flexibility to be available, and that is a blessing!

4. Find What Works for You

Your goal is to find a balance that works for you. Each person’s personality, goals, family situation, circumstances, and life is different, so what is a good balance for one person may not be healthy for another.

Try to get into a healthy rhythm. This will likely be a continual learning process so keep learning and keep figuring out what works for you and your family!


Sam Pelton

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