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5 Groups of People to Reach Out to If You’re Just Beginning

So you’ve decided to do your own jewelry business.

You’re excited; you’re pumped. You love the product and want to share your love with the world.

But where do you start? How can you get some good momentum to start off your business?

1. Family

For most of us, our mom has always been our biggest supporter. The same will likely be true when it comes to your business!

Reach out to your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, and other relatives – not to take advantage of them (of course) but to let them know how excited you are about your business and allow them to support you if they want.

2. Friends

Engage with your friends and let them see your enthusiasm for your product. These people care about you as well and want you to succeed.

But be careful with promoting yourself too much to your friends – You don’t want to become the annoying friend who’s always pushing people to make a purchase. It’s fine to make them aware and even ask if they want to buy, but don’t be too pushy!

3. Neighbors

Even if you don’t know your neighbors very well, many of them likely at least recognize your face, and you have an automatic connection since you live in the same community.

Don’t be afraid to walk up and down your street, knock on a few doors, and let them know that you’ve started a business. Who knows, it may give you an opportunity to make stronger connections in your neighborhood!

4. Co-workers

If you have another job, reach out to your co-workers, particularly the ones you get along well with. Try to gauge their interest and make them aware of your products, as well as your excitement about the products.

(But again, don’t be too pushy! You don’t want to make things awkward in your workplace.)

5. Church members

If you belong to a church, don’t be afraid to let your fellow church members support you in your business as well. You never know whether the little elderly lady who sits next to you every week in the worship service may become your most loyal customer!

These are just a few ideas to help get you started. Other groups of people might include your service providers (doctor, dentist, hair stylist, etc.), parents of your children’s friends, fellow members in a club or organization, and (yes) strangers. 🙂

So get out there and start selling!

Sam Pelton