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5 Reasons Why You Need to Shut Down Negative Thinking Right Now

Ah, negativity.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap.

Complaining, dwelling on the negative, getting discouraged.

Here’s why it needs to stop: negative people don’t succeed.

But how does negativity vs. positivity have any bearing on whether or not you will succeed as a consultant?

1. Positivity is attractive

Positivity attracts people to you. Negativity repels.

People have enough negativity in their life but they find positivity appealing. So the more genuine positivity you have, the more likely you are to attract people who will help you be successful.

2. Positivity helps you see opportunities

Positivity opens your eyes up to the many opportunities around you.

If you’re constantly focused on the negative, you sometimes won’t see opportunities but will instead view them as difficult obstacles. Positivity puts things in a whole new light.

3. Positivity gives you energy

Positivity can be an energizer. It makes you optimistic and ready to tackle new challenges.

On the other hand, negativity is draining, both to you and to those around you.

4. Positivity helps you learn from others

Positivity allows you to look at successful people and think, “Wow, it’s so awesome that they’v been successful! What are some strategies I can learn from them?”

Having this mindset helps you not be jealous of successful people or depressed that you’re not as successful as them. Instead, it motivates you to become a learner.

5. Positivity overcomes fears

Positivity can face down fears that hinder your business because it recognizes that it is possible to act in spite of fear.

It’s easy to succumb to fear and to think, “There’s no way I could ever be good at talking to strangers – I’m too shy” or “I’ll always be awkward when I do live sales.” But if you turn your thinking around, it can help you overcome these kinds of fears and do what needs to be done to succeed.

Sam Pelton

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