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Find Someone to Help You

One is the loneliest number. 🙂

Well, not always, but that’s sometimes true. People generally don’t like to be alone – they like to have friends and family that they can share life with.

The same could be said of you and your work as a jewelry consultant. Although it’s not necessary to have someone help you, and depending on your personality and circumstances it may be better for you to do things on your own, there are several potential benefits to having a partner, assistant, or even just a helpful friend.

Someone to bear your burdens

Simply having some emotional support for your business could be a huge factor in your success.

It’s hard to find success in anything if you’re living in isolation without anyone to come alongside you. You need support and encouragement from someone who cares about you, who will help you through your struggles.

Someone to assist with logistics

A partner or assistant can help with simple tasks, such as setting up a booth or holding a phone to film and broadcast your live sales.

It could put a lot of pressure off of you to know that there is someone there to help with the little details so that you don’t have to do everything yourself.

Someone to help make decisions

For many people, decision making is hard. Often there are so many options to weigh, so many pieces to consider.

Having someone there to help make decisions can take a load off of you so that it’s not totally up to you to decide everything.

Someone to pick up your slack

Let’s face it – No one is good at everything.

You have strengths and you have weaknesses, even when it comes to your business. There’s no shame in including others whose strengths may help cover areas in which you may be lacking.

For example, let’s say your strength is your personality and sales skills but you’re terrible at keeping track of inventory. If that was the case, you could try bringing in someone who is detail-oriented and who would enjoy managing the inventory aspect of your business.

Someone to share in your successes

Celebrating your wins isn’t something you typically want to do alone. Success is often much more enjoyable when you have someone to share it with!

Having someone involved and helping with your business could make your successes more meaningful because it then becomes a joint effort. You can celebrate as a team

These are just a few reasons why it can be beneficial to have someone involved. And it doesn’t have to be a full-fledged business partner; it could be your spouse, family members, friends, or anyone supportive who wants to lend a hand here and there.

Sam Pelton

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