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Get Excited About Your Jewelry!

We all know how it goes.

You might be super pumped and excited about something in the beginning but as time goes on you can lose your fire.

Things can begin to feel mundane. Same-old, same-old.


There is a danger of this happening with your fire for your jewelry business as well.

Does the following describe you?

You used to be so excited about selling your jewelry. It was so natural to talk about it – you would share it with all your friends and family, rave about how much you love it, wear it all the time.

But now it seems more like a chore much of the time. You find that your friends and family don’t seem to be interested in hearing much about it. The jewelry doesn’t spark the same fire in you.

The “honeymoon phase” of being a consultant is over and you’re worried that you’ve lost interest.

I just want to encourage you not to give up! We all have our emotional ups and downs in whatever endeavor we’ve decided to pursue. Don’t lose heart just because you’re not as excited about it as you once were.

Foster that attitude that was once in your heart of excitement about your product. You may never get back the same excitement you first experienced but if you still believe in the company and in your product you can get back some of that fire.

It can be helpful to think of the reasons you were excited about selling in the first place. Go over those reasons in your mind and keep pushing on!

If you’re still struggling with a waning interest, perhaps try spending some time with a newer consultant who still has the bright eyes and busy tail. Their enthusiasm just might rub off on you!

Of course, if you have absolutely zero interest in selling and don’t think your fire will ever come back, or if you have financial reasons or other circumstances in play, it may be time to consider closing up shop. But don’t make rash decisions based just on temporary emotions.

Get excited again about your jewelry! The contagiousness of your excitement is the best way to get sales and continue to find success.

Sam Pelton

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