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2 Vital Attitudes of Highly Successful People

You may look at highly successful people and think that success is dependent on hard work and luck. And that’s true, to an extent.

But actually, there’s something else that’s more important even than working hard (and certainly more important than luck).

The biggest thing that will determine someone’s success is not their upbringing, their circumstances, not even their hard work in and of itself, but rather their attitude.

With that in mind, here are two vital attitudes of highly successful people.

1. Highly Successful People Are Positive

Nothing will bring you and those around you down quicker than negativity.

The most successful people are not the complainers, the whiners, the self-pitiers, but rather the doers, the complimenters, the admirers.

Instead of faultfinding, they look for opportunities.

Instead of being overwhelmed with failure, they view it as a learning experience.

Instead of feeling jealous of others’ success, they are happy for them.

Instead of seeing themselves as victims, they take ownership of their circumstances.

This way of thinking does not come naturally to many of us. We are often prone to wallow in our failures, complain about our circumstances, and blame others.

If you want to be successful, move away from that kind of negative thinking!

2. Highly Successful People Have a “Doer” Mindset

Even if you are the most positive person in the world, you won’t get far if you just sit back and let life happen to you.

Highly successful people are always thinking action.

They see a problem and they don’t just stop at, “That’s too bad.” Instead, they think, “How can I help solve this? What action needs to be taken?”

They are not passive but are always thinking of solutions and new ideas.

They don’t get paralyzed by problems but seek ways to be problem-solvers.

What About You?

Do you have these kinds of attitudes when it comes to your job or business?

If you want to be truly successful, foster these attitudes of positivity and “do-it-iveness” in yourself. Changing your attitudes won’t happen overnight but takes constant self-checking.

(You can also check out this article on 6 ways successful people think differently. We also found this article with some practical suggestions on being successful, although we don’t endorse profanity or meditation.)

Don’t get overwhelmed! Take things one step at a time – What are one or two things you can do today to begin changing your habits?

Sam Pelton

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