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5 Tips for Future Consultants

Bobbie Bodamer CID 132421
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I started my journey last year (2018) in January and I initially joined as a hobby. I am a mom and wife of 10 years and I just wanted a way to actually make money myself and not ask for anything or depend on someone.

Time went on and sales went up and up and I started bringing in good amount of money. I actually sat and thought about it and I could actually turn this into something big!

I have had my slow times and times where I questioned if I should keep going, that’s when I came to the conclusion that nothing is ever easy in life and if that was the case we’d all be making millions. I just stayed consistent and kept doing my lives and sharing my story with many people even if the weren’t interested in joining.

I have an amazing customer base that are so supportive besides ordering from me and are always trying to help me succeed. I just signed my first personally sponsored and I’m so ecstatic. It took me a year to get to this point; if I had given up when I was down on my luck I wouldn’t be where I’m at now. I just keep pushing and sharing my story and let people know how amazing Paparazzi is!

As a mom I’m able to take my son and do things with him and spend time together. His father and I just moved into our new place and Paparazzi is a big help because of our fashionably fun trendy jewelry I am able to do what I need to do to pay my bills and have extra to spend on whatever I want. I’m financially stable and not worried about struggling. My son also loves to help me with my lives and everyone loves seeing my boy help and have fun doing so.

I’m still pushing even when things seem to be against me and I always seem to see the light at the end of pushing! Success won’t fall into your hands, you have to work for it and work hard! Even though I still struggle at times I always remind myself that I CAN do whatever I set my mind to and with hard work and determination I WILL succeed!

Paparazzi has helped me overcome my anxiety of meeting new people and put myself out there! My depression has also been greatly improved since meeting awesome supportive team members and customers. I want others who deal with anxiety and depression to know it’s ok, that in this business that there will be big hiccups and it may be slow and may seem pointless but DO NOT give up and push through, even if it seems no one is watching or buying. Someone is watching you and they will come and you will make it and you will persevere! It may seem like forever and a day but it will get better!

My tips for future consultants are

  1. Stay consistent 
  2. Be positive
  3. Be yourself
  4. Have fun!
  5. Make tons of friends and create amazing relationships

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