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Tierra’s Story: A Consultant who Loves a Good Deal

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Tierra Reid

Hi, my name is Tierra and all my close friends and family know that I LOVE a good deal!

I fell in love with this $5 jewelry when I received 2 beautiful necklace and earring sets for my birthday. I’m very sensitive to different metals but with Paparazzi being lead and nickel free I was able to wear the necklaces with no problem.

Let me tell you this, EVERYTIME I wore one of my new $5 necklaces I received a compliment on how beautiful it was! I actually used to make and sell my own jewelry and was very successful with it until my health conditions prevented me from doing so.

Fast forward years later, I was so excited to find out about Paparazzi Accessories. After careful consideration I knew it only made sense for me to become a consultant!

Now I make money selling the jewelry that sells itself! I’ve been a consultant for a 1 1/2 now and I’m loving this journey. It’s truly a blessing to be able to share this opportunity with everyone I meet.

Sam Pelton

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