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Why I Love This Company

Alicia Henley

My joining Paparazzi has created new friendships for me. I never trusted relationships with other women but somehow through Paparazzi I have met some of the most amazing women on the face of the earth.

Paparazzi is not just about jewelry, it’s about helping one another and building great relationships all while having fun selling jewelry. Paparazzi is a company I believe that’s founded on the principle of Christ’s love.

I really didn’t have a reason for joining Paparazzi except a friend asked me, but now that I’m a part of this amazing family it has truly changed my life in that I have more love, I receive more love and I’m constantly surrounded by love and that means a lot to me. I’m here to stay.

Paparazzi is a type of company like no other. They believe in rewarding your hard work and celebrating your milestones. When you rank to the different levels they do things that will motivate you to the next level.

Paparazzi will surprise you with awesome gifts just for working your business and sharing the opportunity. When you become an elite consultant you are afforded the opportunity to enjoy all types of perks including free trips and shopping sprees.

Paparazzi believes in giving back to the communities. They have shared their vision with others in a way to empower you to be financially free and to give you the freedom to enjoy life and spend quality time with family.

If you are not a part of this great company you should consider becoming a part. Paparazzi is not easy but it is simple and if you work the business you will see a harvest in due time.

Sam Pelton

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