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3 Things You Need to Run a Successful Business

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Sinneth Moe

My name is Sinneth Moe I am an independent Paparazzi Accessories Consultant. I have been with this company over a year. I can honestly say that joining this company is one of the best decisions I’ve made other than having my two beautiful daughters. My daughters were one of the main reasons I decided to step out in faith and start my own business. Working a 9 to 5 did not allow me to spend as much time as I would have like with them. When I was home with them I was exhausted most of the time because of my long work day. I had to make a change and I had to make it fast. My girls were growing fast and time waits for no one.

There is nothing easy about having your own business. If you intend on having any type of success you have to work hard. You also need to have a passion and a love for what you do. With these three things you are able to develop and run a successful business. When others see your passion and your love for what you do they will want to be a part of that thing that brings you so much joy. This is one of the reason I was able to build a team after being a part of this organization for only a year. They say most small businesses fail in a year. But I have proven then wrong. My hard work, my persistency and the love for what I do has paid off.

I do have days like many other consultants where I may not make money or have so much going on and not feel motivated but I always go back to my “whys”. That helps me keep going. I then reevaluate my week and see how I could improve for the next week. I step outside of the box I built for myself and try different things and also utilize all the resources available to me to help my business. I also ask for help and watch a lot of trainings from other successful consultants. I try not to beat myself up and remember “Rome was not built in one day”. I’ve learned to enjoy this journey of growth within myself and my business. I’ve embraced the negatives and the positives and used that to empower myself, my team and my business. 
“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

Sam Pelton

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