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If I Could Give Advice to Myself on My First Day

Wendie Riddle

If I had it to do all over again, I would tell myself to:

  • have better lighting when I did my sales
  • pay a little more attention to my amazing upline, Ericka Champion Wise while she’s doing her Monday night training sessions
  • have a better marketing strategy.

I was nervous as a newborn kitten in my first live. I was tongue tied and so nervous that I couldn’t get anything to come out right at all. I was dropping everything I picked up and forgot what half of it was. I actually did pretty good selling all but 6 pieces of my jewelry that first night. I sold about 8 pieces after my live when they went back and watched the replay.

Well, after that, I sat down to watch my first training video with pen and paper in hand and taking notes on everything I thought was important for me to know about improving my live videos. I went back and watched a lot of Ericka’s training videos from before I ever got started and took notes from them. I decided to video myself first to see what I was doing wrong and improve from there.

I bought new lights, a timer to use considering I only had 35-50 pieces of jewelry to start with at first. As time went on I bought more and started taking my Bling Bag with me out to doctor appointments, grocery stores, laundromats, ballgames and to family events and even to the neighbors’ houses. I find that I sometimes do better selling person to person than I do on live. I also taught myself to start ordering at least two of everything when I do make my orders.

My clientele is still not as large as I’d like it to be, but I’m working on that also by posting not only to Facebook, but also on Pinterest and Instagram and YouTube. I do walldrops on each, post my live videos and share the replays to each and even send out invites to my live on each one.

I send out invites through my Gmails and I also share it to my brother’s Facebook page so he can share and invite for me. I taught myself after long conversations with myself to start watching what I bought and how to show it on my lives and how to put the money back to buy more by opening a separate account that was only for my jewelry. It’s getting easier as time goes by, and there are times when I can’t buy everyday or every week and when I’m not active. When those days happen, I find ways to make it happen and I make wish lists on pieces I want when I can get active. I also help support my Paparazzi brothers and sisters by watching, sharing and commenting on the new consultants that come in behind me. I want to show them that there are others out there also who are struggling with this and all you’ve gotta have is FAITH, COMPASSION FOR OTHERS, MANNERS, SELF RESPECT AND RESPECT FOR OTHERS AND THE HEART THAT WANTS TO SUCCEED IN THIS BUSINESS TO MAKE IT WORK!

I’ve worked at a lot of different things in my life, I’m 52 and disabled. I was bored, unhappy and just about to throw the towel in until I saw my first Paparazzi Live Video with Leslie Wilson and that’s all it took to reel me in. I’ve never been more happy or content in my life.  If I could give ANYONE else wanting to give it a try, go ahead and make that $99 investment come to life. It will be well worth it in the end.

Sam Pelton

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