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Why Becoming a Consultant was a No-Brainer

Lynnette Jones (aka Koco Jellie)

My name is Lynnette Jones and I’m affectionately known as Koco Jellie on social media. I have been in the jewelry business for the past 4 years but I am a neophyte consultant for Paparazzi; signed up in Feb, 2019. Previously, I was with a different direct sales company and I wasn’t that successful. I would come across ladies that would love the jewelry and admire it but few made purchases.

I stumbled upon a Paparazzi Consultant while working as a home-aid. The house was filled with beautiful $5 jewelry. I was in awe and starting asking questions. Needless to say, I had to re-evaluate my jewelry business.

I tallied my monthly overhead cost and compared Paparazzi’s monthly overhead cost and it was a no brainer. I was spending too much money on my business and not even breaking even at the end of the month.

I decided to make a business decision and became a consultant because I could actually afford the jewelry that I would be selling and interested customers were already asking if I sold Paparazzi. I have made more money in the past 3.5 months as a Paparazzi Consultant versus the other direct sales company.

I have definitely learned that If I want to make sales, I need to have the jewelry the ladies love to want. I also learned how to self-promote, get comfortable in front of the camera and how to successfully use social media as a marketing tool!

Thank you for asking for my story and lessons learned,

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Lynnette Jones aka Koco Jellie

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