Bling Academy

Take a Leap of Faith and Dare to Dream!

Loretta Blalock

When asked if I would like to contribute to this blog about Paparazzi, my success as a Consultant or lessons I’ve learned I was honored to say the least. I do not take it lightly the things God is doing for me through Paparazzi. So, here’s my story.

June 28, 2018 I was thinking about what it will take for me to feel better about my life now that I was free of stage 4 renal failure. I found a live show on Facebook, where the ladies were showing this awesome jewelry and I bought some pieces the following week. I wore them to eye doctor, everyone was coming up: “I love that jewelry! Do you sell it?” Before I knew it I was telling them I am going to be selling it as soon as my inventory comes in. July 4, 2018 I became a Consultant.

The things I have learned from others is that we all have a common goal to be successful and make people look and feel empowered with this $5 fire. I measure success as having the determination and positive outlook of bringing joy while making a career as an Independent Consultant, being able to do things I wasn’t able to do before, being a blessing.

Every week I am selling a few pieces here and there without doing lives. But, I strive to be consistent and push past the fear of not having lots of people on my live show. By my faith those few will turn to many. My confidence in who I am has been strengthened, my love for my customers and Paparazzi family is genuine and keeps me learning that success isn’t just the money but feeling a sense of appreciation and accomplishments. Being accountable to your purpose for what you do and why you do.

Since my journey thus far in Paparazzi I have come out of depression and dwelling on the many illnesses of my disability and found purpose and opportunity to show lovingkindness. I was a wife, mother, widow in one year and didn’t think I had anything to contribute until I was introduced to Paparazzi. I love what I do, and the friends I have made and a company that’s just awesome. The best move I ever made. You can do this too. I wrote the vision for me and I am making it plain. Success to me is loving myself enough to try something new and giving my life a new hope, because I took a leap of faith to dare and dream!

Sam Pelton