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Changing the World $5 at a Time

JeZonn Williams

Since I was around 5 years old I can remember selling things. My family owned a “sweet shop” in our backyard and I loved spending days selling the goodies with my dad.  Yes, my dad! He was the first entrepreneur that I knew and he passed that on to me!

I have done direct sales with a few different companies, usually because I needed the extra money to make ends meet. However, when I joined Paparazzi it was for different reasons!

I’m a few months away from being 50 years old, all the kids are grown and I find myself with a house that’s usually empty. I’ve been a nurse for the past 27 years and it’s getting harder and harder to continue that path. Extracurricular activities? What’s that?

So one night, scrolling through Facebook, I see the daughter of a friend selling this beautiful jewelry and playing games! I think to myself, “I’ll order a few items to support her business”.  Fast forward, the jewelry arrives and it’s better than I could imagine and only cost me $5! So I continue to shop with her for about a month when one night she shared the opportunity to join her team. I’m an entrepreneur to my core so guess what? I took the leap!

That was July 1, 2018! That decision has changed my life! I LOVE Paparazzi! I have had the pleasure of meeting and becoming reacquainted with so many wonderful people! I get to make people feel better about themselves all the time! I have extra money to help my daughter who is a single mom who works and goes to school. I have money to donate to deserving nonprofits near and dear to my heart! Not to mention, I get to take vacations with my husband and friends.

I get to change the world $5 at a time! I love it! Interested? I’d love to have you join me on this wonderful journey!

Sam Pelton

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